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Heres mine

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My internet is pretty dang fast!!! i think it's fast at least compared to others
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grantzilla wroteSo there seems to be a lot of topics in this part of the forum where people will post their internet speed/bandwidth/ping test.
So to reduce redundant topics and keep it all in one nice tidy place, post all your internet speed tests here!

How to find out your speed: Speed Test
Bandwidth:Bandwidth Test
Ping: Ping Test

I recently downgraded to save money so it is a bit slower
Can you beat mine?

Post and share,


Why did i beat you on download ;) Ping and upload are bad tho



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Mine are so bad its unreal!
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Windows 7 but my ping grade is F! WTF?
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mines rellllllyyyyy fast
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gyazo.com/779d13bc07bfc19f73d190623502a605.png yea i have pretty good download
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