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MyPLAYER is one of the most popular modes within the NBA 2K franchise.

We should point out that, regardless of whether you are going to player NBA 2K21 on a current console such as the PS4 or Xbox One or if you're going to be a Next-Gen gamer, MyPLAYER will remain a crucial part of 2K21.

It is one that can be combined with many other modes such as MyCAREER and the Park, to be successful in either of those modes, so you have to ensure you make the correct decisions when it comes to your MyPLAYER.

Keep the customizations coming

Now each year, we see more and more customization options added into your MyPLAYER. Whether it be aesthetical - tattoos, hairstyles, etc. - or in-games, the more customization options you have, the more personal your MyPLAYER will feel. This would allow players to choose exactly how they want players to play on the court.

Of course, the logistics behind this might be complicated, but it would be a cool feature to see added nonetheless!

More routes for your MyCAREER

This is one that may split opinion, but we'd love to see our MyPLAYER given the ability to play in more competitions - both en route to the NBA and then, even more, when they are there!

Rather than a rushed spell playing college basketball or a stint in China, why not give the option of starting at the very bottom, working your way through high school and college, and then, by the time you get to the draft you'll be raring to go in the NBA!

You could extend this further perhaps with the opportunity to represent your country in the Olympics, maybe (licensing permitting, of course!)

Choice of cutscenes

This is a straightforward addition that we think would please a lot of NBA 2K gamers.

When you take your MyPLAYER into MyCAREER, cinematic, theatrical storyline comes with you. Now for many people, this is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, for others, they want to play the game. Let players have the option at the start of their Career - a decision that can be changed at a later date if desired - as to whether they want the cut-scenes or not.

By the way, A leaked photo of female players has been circulating the internet revealing that NBA 2K21 will have female players in MyCAREER. The photo, which is a screenshot from the official WNBA website but now apparently taken down, But 2K hasn't yet confirmed the inclusion of female players in NBA 2K21 so that we will look forward to an official announcement from 2K.

Looking at the progression of MyPLAYER throughout the 2K era, we are very hopeful it will indeed be worth the wait, and we will want to see a more prominent and better, MyPLAYER than ever before!

Next, we will continue to announce new information for NBA 2k21, and please stay tuned at Besides, it also offers NBA 2K21 MT For Sale, safe and cheap.
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Nice post!

Its their cash cow with out a doubt.. one thing that bugs me every year is not having the ability to skip the time-outs, half time shows. Love the fact that we now have more freedom with creating our perfect player though.
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