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much faster on the keyboard than my phone and more accurate as well lol #fatfingerproblems!
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i type fast on my PC! but i also make some minor Crammer mistakes!
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Like many others here, I believe that I must be comparable on both but am probably quicker on my phone, instead of my computer. I am guessing this is due to space and the shorter distance that I have to move my fingers but I could be incorrect. I may have to download a typing app on my phone and give it a test to find out!
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i type way better with my phone.

I have always struggled typing on my computer even after taking a typing course.
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Type faster on my computer.

I hate using my phone for anything online related.
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On keyboard, hopeless typing on my phone, always press wrong buttons
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I'm definitely faster at typing on my phone!
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Definitely my phone. I can type with one hand while driving a car on gta lol
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Both are pretty equal.
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PC but I type pretty fast on my phone aswell

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