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"Tell me about yourself?"

This is the worst question everrrr. I'd rather show you the type pf person I am than to tell you.

What's one question you hate being asked?

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I hate being asked what question i hate being asked
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Do you have any smokes ?
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"I know you're off but can you work today"
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"What do your tattoos mean"
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"Can you speak Russian to me?" Why, so I can say stuff in a language you don't understand, only for you to become some annoying little shit and ask "how is this word said, how do you say that" followed by a butchered ass attempt at saying what I say and then repeat. One of the biggest things to annoy me because literally it is literally a waste of breathe since they're not going to understand it anyways and ends a complete waste of my time.
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Yeah.. I just had a stroke reading that.
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Me to smile more, bitch I'm not happy.
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Maybe "How can you enjoy that video game so much?" But in a more snarky way and less of a curious way. Itd be like me asking "Why did you out so many hours into that game? Its trashh"
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"You okay" does my head in
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