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I'll just keep this short and simple lol

Few days ago I just hit my 10th year milestone

Kinda sad this site ain't as active as it used to be tho..

But I'm glad I'm still part of it, and cheers to any other old heads out!

See ya'll around

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Congrats on hitting 10 years man!
I'll be there soon enough.
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Congrats on 10 years!
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Congratulations man! its good to see old members like yourself still around!
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congrats OG
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Congrats on 10 years bro
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Congratulations buddy
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10 years is a long time on TTG

Congrats on your milestone
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Congratulations on the big 10, glad to see you still around.
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Congrats man I'm sure that's almost as old as some of the members here! Well done on being apart of the site for as long as you have.
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