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Anyone have recommendations on a good pair of blue light filter glasses for gaming? Looking to buy a pair but don't want cheap knockoffs.
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Look at some reviews online I can't remember what make mine are but they are good
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Wayfarer type frame: $12

Clubmaster type frame: (i have these) $20

your monitor/laptop/tv should also have a bluelight setting on it, I have a friend that uses that, but I'd rather just wear the glasses then have my screen get dimmer everynight at a certain time, but different preferences for different people, maybe look into that too.
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Download f.lux on your computer and utilize night mode on your mobile device and you can get rid of a lot of eye strain screens give you in the evening time.

I have a cheap pair of gaming glasses that I've never really used, I got them as a gift, so I can't give you a good review on those, but doing the 2 things I listed above are free and will for sure help you in the long run.
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