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Spooky's End Of March Gold Giveaway!

How To Enter:

-Everyone Can Enter (Even If You Have Gold Already)
-Post Below - Winner Will Be Randomly Chosen
-If Winner Is Already Gold They Can Choose Who Gets Gifted Gold!
-Multiple Entries Allowed


-No Spamming (Follow The Forum Rules)
-Multiple Entries Allowed But Keep Posts High Quality

Giveaway End Date:

-3 Winners Will Be Chosen at Random on April 3rd (4/3/20)
-Thanks to maDz for giving me permission to keep this giveaway open a full week to give as many people a chance to win as possible!


Winners Will Be Posted Here on 4/3/20

I will be doing a gold giveaway every month to give back to TTG! I know this month has been hard for a lot of people because of COVID-19 and I hope everyone is staying healthy.

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You can count me in!
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Count me in thanks for this.
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I'd love to win! Just getting back to TTG after a break
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I'll enter
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Sounds good
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I would like to enter
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Count me in
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I'll enter , thank you
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Ill enter!
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