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im looking for a good headset with perfect mic quality and good sound.

my budget is £20

Ill be using it mainly for my PC when watching videos and in general gaming and talking to others in voice chat id appreciate some recommendations.

The headset which I currently have is onikuma k8 and its still lasting but nearly on its way out as you can see here
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Save 15 more euro and get a Turtle Beach R70.

Or, if you're going that low budget wise - find a good pair of earbuds.
You'll get better mic and sound quality than you would with a 20 dollar headset.
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Just buy the same ones again. You can't expect much for 20
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I mean yea you really need to expand your budget my guy, you're not getting anything for $20 I'm pretty sure skull candy ear buds cost $20 lol could be wrong though.
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