GeneralWho is stuck at home cus the virus?Posted:

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Just checking in who's been laid off or has to stay home?

I have a really bad immune system so I can't really go anywhere. And some of my work shut down anyways.
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I'm stuck at home as in I've had to cancel all my flights, tattoo sessions and all that junk. Plus California is initiating an order to stay home and while I doubt they can enforce it really to 40+ million people, the order is enough to have most places just close up shop. So for me, it's going to be staying home until I can travel again -- whenever the hell that may be. Telling you man, if I didn't have my alcohol, this shit would be hellish for me. As lazy as I like to get, I really hate the feeling of not being able to move about as I please.
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Still working and I wouldn't be surprised if the place gets shutdown for a couple weeks as more cases start popping up here in Canada.
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im stuck home till my skateboard comes in then im skating all day n night and not touching anything other than my board n water
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going to be stuck at home and work because they made curfew timings to be home by.
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Me. I'm working from home for the foreseeable future might more than a month (as per my boss).
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Got ill and was ordered by doctors to not even bother coming in and just self isolate for 14 days
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where i am there people everywhere now that have it the uk is getting hit really bad
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Everyone I know is off work right now because of the virus. Luckily most are getting paid still while at home. I must say I've been very bored though.
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Ontario just went on lock-down and the local police (OPP) are arresting/ and or fining people that are outside without justified cause.

So basically people of Ontario are tuck inside lol
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