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100% legit. Got the best service I could ask for and more! Thank you will be buying more stuff soon!!
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Sent a PM !
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Bought the 20 dollar service took 30mins great service vouch for these guys.
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TL;DR: this is a vouch and this service is 100% legit.

Look, I've been to the DMV and I've also been to McDonald's.

While McDonald's may be fast, their customer service is usually complete garbage. Understandable, but still unnacceptable.

With the DMV, it's a much longer wait, but in return you don't have to deal with garbage customer service.. instead, you get to rot and sweat inside of 75 year, aged, fermented and decayed garbage service.

I know what you're thinking..

What in God's name is he on, right? Well, nothing, I'm just fascinated with seamless entities and products. This product provides the preferred end of both spectrums.

All I'm trying to say is this service is the first which is both quick and contains great service. In and out in less than 20 minutes, the operator is very sociable and friendly, instructions and payment gateway is easy to do/understand and most importantly, the package is delivered as promised.

Smooth transaction all around, much appreciated!

And maybe I've had some beers.
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100% legit and vouching!

Thank you so much for your cheap and reliable services <3
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Tried adding you on discord but didn't work looking to talk about you're service and looking into it
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Super 110% legit, such a nice guy and super quick! Has my vouch 110%
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100% Vouch and legit. Struck up a custom deal for some items! Was quick simple and easy. Will be doing future business for sure!
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100% Legit. Was done in less than 20 minutes. Very Happy
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100% Vouch and 100% Legit. The guy I talk to over on discord was very nice and answered all of my questions. He even took the step forward to inform me of updates as they were doing their magic on my account. Even with the Xbox having some server issues and being down, they still pulled through and it must've been frustrating for them having to deal with a problem that they can not avoid but they still kept me updated and made sure my account was done right.
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