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It is still such a fun game and i know for a fact it was a really popular game in its time. I wonder if the devs will ever make a left 4 dead 3

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yeah bro was a pretty class game
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LFD2 is still played by thousands of people on steam every day.
The modding community has kept it alive. If you ever wanna play just snag it on steam for 99 cents.
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I play left 4 dead 2 on Xbox One because it's backwards compatible. It's one of my favorite zombie games.
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when people didnt kick you out for no reason at all for learning the game it was a killer as fk game, multiplayer sucked because everyone hated me for no fking reason on xbox, pc people gave 0fks if ya new or not they let you be.

but yeah i miss the series
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still play L4D 2 here and there amazing game
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