MWSo today i got my first nuke.. and no calling cardPosted:

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So as the title says after my last post i solo joined into a giant infection game to see if today would be my lucky day.. just saying i realllly want this mighty mushroom title at this point so after 2 days of solo infected i did it got the nuke called it in and BOOM game over didn't die during the nuke only death was from the nuke and i get out the game and Think OMG its gonna be cool only to find .....

NO CALLING CARD! WTAF... its been about 30mins - 1hr at this point.. needless to say that just ruined my day.

Any help would be good.

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U can't get the nuke calling card from infected anymore, most people don't realize it.
Games for nukes mostly:

Ground war
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I herd you need two nukes for that calling card not 100% sure if its true, i have got one nuke not on infected and i dont have it, my friend has it and said he got it the second time he got a nuke.
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