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Just curious....ive played every cod since mw3, with atleast 15days play time on each one....ive never earned a nuke, closest i came was a 22 killstreak on infinite a slightly above average player....kd has always been anywhere from 1.1 to 1.53 which was on black ops 3...lowest kd was .75 on mw3 which was my first cod and fps shooter(always stuck to sports games) highest streak in this cod is how many of you gave never earned a nuke with atleast 4 cod's played?whatsapp web routerlogin

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I've only achieved nukes on

And modern warfare 2019
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Just Modern Warfare 2019, mw2 and mw3.

Got those one things on ghost but I'm pretty sure you could get em out of care packages and those order things you'd pick up.
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Just Mw2 for me!
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Mw2, mw3 and modern warfare! Definitely modern warfare has been the hardest for me to get nukes on!
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Hardest game for me to get a nuke is this years modern warfare, i have gotten nukes in mw2, mw3, ghosts, got 30+ gun streaks without spawnkilling in cod 4, cod 4 remasterd, ww2, bops 1,2,3,4 but have yet to get one in modern warfare 2019 just feels hard with sbmm see alot harder opponents highest gunstreak is 22 or 23 and i dont play cod as often anymore so might be the first modern warfare i dont get a nuke..
But i have buddies who go for nukes if i message them im sure i could get one they run ammo crates they put on uav or counter with that advanced uav and have decent call outs.

If you have been playing years and struggle to get a nuke get a decent 5 or 6 man who doesnt care about being top fraggers and just likes helping the team out, make sure its people who will call out put advance uavs on and dont flip spawns makes things alot easier some people spawn kill for thier nukes but i feel no pride in those nukes and doesnt really feel legit to me so i dont really do that but do what ya can to get your first nuke.

the easiest game for me to get nukes on apart from abusing the chopper gunner on mw2 was cod ghosts me and my buddy went on private match and played against vetern bots everyday for about 15-20 minuites before we went online, made us play better and after a few days of that i was getting atleast one or two nukes a day, even got one against the vetern bots, make sure you have a decent headset a decent monitor or tv will help too scuff may help iv never had one but my mate says it helps him, guess i played ghosts so much that i just started learning the spawns and sub spawns which helped when running and gunning, try learning where people camp what routes average gamers run and when you hurt someone see if they peek a sec later, you will start predicting people and start knowing if you are in a lobby with people who will continuoulsy challange or whether they will hide to recover then you can rush those people who hide if you feel safe with the lines of sigh you have, one last thing id recommend is doing the trials shooting targets to try get your accuarcy on point
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Dang man sorry to hear that. I've gotten plenty of nukes in just about every COD. Not many in advanced warfare cause I didnt play that a whole lot. I didnt play Infinite Warfare at all. This years MW I have gotten a few with my highest killstreak 44.
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I have earned over 1000 nukes on every call of duty with at least a 4-8 kd on most
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I've nuked on every COD except MW. Highest I've gotten on MW is 24
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MW2, MW3, and MW Remastered (30 killstreak). These are the games of gotten nukes on!
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