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Hey lads and ladies out there, I was hoping that a knowledgeable few could come over and inspect this parts list and see if there is any room for improvement that could be done.

Here is the link for my current build:

For audio output I'm going with a set of
ADAM Audio T7V 7" Powered Studio Monitors.

This PC build will be mainly for audio/ video production as well as gaming on the side.
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It seems you've sort of just picked the best in slot in almost everything which looks good on paper and yes, would be very powerful, but in reality it would be so much money wasted as you wouldn't actually be getting the full potential out of any of your components due to the great amount of bottle-necking this rig would produce, or in layman's terms, most of the components you have chosen are way to powerful for each other.

First off, personally I don't think any high-end gaming PC or even video editing/audio production PC build needs any CPU even close to the power of a Ryzen 3900X/3950X. A Ryzen 7 3700X will do the exact same job for almost half the price. Not only will the Ryzen 7 3700X do everything a 3900X would do when used as a workstation, it would also most definitely give you close to maximum power out of the 2070 SUPER.

Secondly, the Motherboard you have chosen is very unnecessary for what you plan on using the PC for, this motherboard is for the extremely, extremely serious gamers and computer savvy people who spend time overclocking their rigs to the point where they're close to burning holes in their wall sockets.

If I was you I'd stick with the X570 series but maybe just go with the Gigabyte/Gaming X version, as that is all you will really need, which again will save you another $200 that you didn't need to spend.

As for the rest, it's really personal preference, you chose a good liquid cooling system, my personal choice of RAM and a really good PSU.

Apart from the monitor, that monitor is overkill, you have too much money my friend ;) Nah all jokes aside I'd honestly think about what you're getting for the money you are spending and do some comparisons of different components instead of going for the super powerful but super expensive options.

Here's a link with the changes I stated - PCPartPicker

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5900RPM on those drives? Why different models of the manufacturer?
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We don't know the use nor none of the basics required to even send you a list or give advice.

  • Budget?
  • Purpose? (gaming, workloads, editing, etc..)

  • aesthetics in specific? (seeing as you went for a very mixed color build it doesn't seem practical.)
  • preference in peripherals?

now on to the list. There is a lot wrong here and i am going to start it off by simply saying, almost everything here makes NO sense.

  • HDD/SSD mix & match
    • this is the one that got me the most.
    • 2tb HDD (nothing wrong here)
    • 2tb NAS drive (flag here). They simply aren't needed and the performance is going to suffer due to it.
    • 660p is a lower tier for this budget.
    • seagate SSD

  • GPU (budget wise)
    • there are better options here within this range, the 2070 super doesn't belong in the budget listed imo

  • CPU (budget wise)
    • better options to be had here. 3950x for example, threadripper if you just wanted to go all out

  • PSU (it's alright but there are way better options in this budget range)
    • controversial point, better units by EVGA/SeaSonic within this price range, better delivery rating ETC.

  • case
    • understandable from and aesthetic standpoint, but certainly better options out there.

  • PCIe wifi..
    • just grab a USB one. You'll have the ports judging by the motherboard selection.

  • Noctua fans?
    • overpriced for what they are really. $80 for four fans. Let alone 3 120's and a 140?
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Love the build. I have some personal notes worth a look though.

1. Why are there so many different HDDs?
2. 64GB of RAM? Are you into VR and more specifically VR Chat? The game has a memory leak, 64GB isn't going to do anything but delay the crash.
3. Why WiFi...? You could easily buy CAT6 Ethernet cables that are 50 foot long for that price and run them from the router to your PC. Don't limit your connection speed... Especially if you want to be a streamer.
5. I wouldn't recommend that monitor if my life was on the line for it. I'd go with a much cheaper and not curved monitor and save hundreds to put into getting a 2080, 2080 Super or 2080 Ti. At the same time. Finding 120, 144Hz monitors with IPS Panels isn't a hard thing. Hell you could even spring for 2 monitors and upgrade to a 2080 series still..
6. I've always used Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Conductonaut, they're just better. If I'm ever out I always have some spare tubes from Noctua lying around.
7. Me personally I wouldn't go for the various amounts of HDDs you have. If you deathly need space find a 4-6TB HDD at 7200RPM with a cache.
8. While I can't knock you for getting a 512GB M.2 I would recommend a 1TB. I'd look into how SSD controller chips work for more insight on that.

Otherwise, badass build. Welcome to the Master Race. Good luck fitting it in.
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