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Equipment for my home gym
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Clothes and shoes.
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Vape juice
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tech (headphones, computer peripherals, phone)
music (analog synth modules, guitar pedals, amps)
food (i just ate some sushi today)
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Uber eats and alcohol.
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coadyonline wroteUber eats and alcohol.


For me its razer branded computer parts. Just dropped like another 300$ on my third razer headset and second keyboard. Might need to buy another mouse at some point to.
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Currently saving for driving lessons as I've passed my theory so I can't help but save for those I spose.
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Anything to do with gaming, can't help it...
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Quality toiletries. I think you're a peasant if you buy 2-ply shit paper and/or bar soap.
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Anything to do with mechanical keyboards
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