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So I have been teaching myself some Adobe XD and thought to recreate a spotify-like interface with a few tweaks. I'm open to feedback, let me know what you think.

Full Interface
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aXD is useful for design. Though execution is always best to have some base knowledge of what you're working with in the backend.

though i suppose i could give pointers.

UI Overhaul.
  • user friendly before looks
  • use basic bootstrap knowledge to get better "visual" looks on the UI
    • you can tell where you focused more on and where you didn't first impressions last a long way.
    • bootstrap knowledge generally just makes a live concept better. animations and other fun stuff.

  • use better colors (everyone has a preference)
    • first impressions once more.
    • darker palettes must stick with that theme. major characteristic changes can drive a user away on impression and user overall.
      • light login screen?
      • dark playlist(assuming) screen?
      • cloud like about page?

Fixing the messy side of things
  • stay consistent. this is key with the color palette.
  • always think user friendly over functionality richness
  • don't focus so much on aesthetics until you know what you're going for.
  • better QA choices.
    • font
    • alignment
    • consistency

  • learn about the concepts you're working with prior. UX design is something you should look into before divulging into interpretative work.

Final thoughts

  • While i think the concept is interesting, you could certainly improve in several areas and a lot of that really comes down to
    • learning the software
    • design production
    • design choices
    • background experience.

    I say the last point lightly, as there is no real need for background experience but some knowledge in
    • application design
    • UX design
    • modern UI concepts
    • approach are major key players in what you're going to want to look for overall.
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