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How often do you watch TV Cable?

I'd say me and TTG watch TV about maybe twice a month cus we only watch YouTube.
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Mate I don't remember the last time I proper watched tv
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about 3 yeas ago
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I don't watch it at all to be honest,
I don't even remember the last time i have watched cable TV.

YouTube is life
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Never watch TV I hate it, not the same anymore since I was young.
But YouTube is life, every night and when I have a spare 20/30 mins YouTube will be open, not sure what I would do if YouTube disappeared..
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I have cable and I seriously only use it when sports games that I want to watch are on
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Haven't in years dude! Netflix and Apple TV are all I need and I don't watch that much
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Sports exclusively, I know there is a bunch of streaming apps but after you buy all those monthly feels like i'm paying the same price I did for cable. But it's not too often since they obviously don't play every night and of course the off-season.
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