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RS wroteAt least it's being somewhat contained within China?

It takes roughly 14 days before symptoms seem to show.
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I'm in the UK and it's been said on bbc and the paper the amount of cases of the corona virus is a total of 6.
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Sean wrotehttps://i.imgur.com/sv5pVHe.png

Just a little sniffle

Can't wait to see that at 180k at day 45
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I didn't see it mentioned here, so just so everyone knows the 15,000 infections and 200 deaths that were officially recognized on 2/13/20 did NOT occur all in one day. They were retrospectively added after a change in definition by the WHO as to what constitutes a diagnosis of COVID. Originally I believe only those patients with blood tests were allowed to be considered confirmed infections, whereas those with just lymph CT scans or mildly symptomatic weren't considered. Of course the blood testing requires the use of far more resources than ct scans or symptom diagnoses, and so only those patients with severe infections were being admitted and getting confirmed. In order to combat the under reporting of cases, the WHO has now allowed symptomatic and ct scan diagnoses. This opens room for over-reporting of infections since the flu and pneumonia would present in very similar ways, but many people feel that an over-reporting of incidence would be preferable to an under-reporting.
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Says In the hhs in Scotland that if you are even near anyone that might have been near anyone with it to not enter the building
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It's officially reached my area of Florida with one case in Hillsborough County and one in Manatee County. I'm very curious to see now how different countries respond to the growing threat.

Iran says it is preparing to test every single citizen using a force of 300,000 soldiers to go to every residence and test those living there.

Switzerland has banned all gatherings larger than 1,000 people.

Japan has closed Disneyland, Universal and Legoland along with calling for schools to be closed during most of March.

The United States has increased their travel restrictions to Iran, South Korea and Italy.

Here's a good running list of COVID responses: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/02/29/coronavirus-live-updates/

And of course a great map and data tracker:
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Sean wroteNot sure if you guys have been following the Coronavirus spread but it seems to me like China is hiding some details about it just by going off how they are reacting vs the information doctors claim.


When a Flu breaks out no one sends the army in to block roads nor do they quarantine 12 cities and 35 million people blocking them from leaving.

Closing every single business in 12 cities on Chinese new year, China cares about nothing more than economic growth closing everything on the busiest time of the year will do huge economic damage to china.

Because of a little Flu?

Wuhan Nurse Reveals the Truth of the Coronavirus

You can click CC to see the sub titles she claims 90,000 people are infected and the Government are hiding it.


A doctor was filmed saying the media does not dare to report the true figures of infections

Is this the reaction you have to 1300 sick people with the Flu?

Or this the reaction you have with something is clearly out of control


Researchers claim you can carry it for up to 4 days without knowing you have it and they still don't know at what point you become contagious to others nor is there a cure.

Just a cold boys nothing to see here

Hopefully the 2 new hospitals they are building will fix it

China are definitely hiding something man
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I personally stand behind the belief China and some people in their labs **** up with handling procedures, and now we have this global issue causing significant damage. Only time will tell where things really go and what actually happened.

Respectively, I also feel the media has blown it out of proportion with a hint of some bogus to cover their tracks.

Edit: The flu kills rougly 56,000 people EVERY year!

Ebola killed a combined amount of 11,000...That happened from 2014-2016... 2 years fellas.

The COVID-19 has only killed around 3500 so far. And I say only, because in the comparison to the figure above, that is actually not that much. The Flu causes that figure every year....Why all of the sudden urge to go crazy over this anyway? More people have survived COVID-19 as opposed to the flu lol.

So far....

Crazy how the internet can have a cause an effect.
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I've reworked the thread and spoil tagged my OG thread since its out of date vs today.

Feel free to just use this thread to chat or post updates I added good places to get real time updates on the virus.
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