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Anyone else buy from him ^, Destruction V1, or even Bo2 Shit Tool? Well I have, and I have been having trouble with both. You know what he is doing about it... Nothing. You don't believe me?

I mean I don't know about you, but if you paid for something that costs $50 and it stops working wouldn't you want it fixed? I know I do.

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his support has always been bad, he's normally busy.. it'll take time to get a reply from him, you're better off finding the download yourself, he has a tinyurl or it's in his pastebin, sorry but it's a sad reality that getting a reply is really hard, had issues with him myself in the past.
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He has always took forever to reply. But it gets worse I've had a time where I was ready to buy and he replied said one thing and left for a few weeks again. So even if you want to buy something he's still slow.
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If someone sent me this, I too would take forever to reply
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All those tools are shit that's why I use chaotic360
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sheesh the spam is unreal
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If I was spammed that garbage I wouldn't respond either lmao. Patients is a key.
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Lol, patient or not, just seems like bad service.
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PM me, I will send you the files. He sent them to me last week.
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Adam wrotehttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/276108267070029825/676135703855366175/unknown.png

If someone sent me this, I too would take forever to reply

That is honestly funny. People just need to be patient sometimes.
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