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To me it can still be but its just not as good as it once was. You still recieve rep for doing good deeds on this site. The only negative is that we have rep boosting on this site. You could just ask for rep today and recieve it. Its still a feature i love and always will. Rep is our currency. Rep is how we live. Rep is tasty.

I would love to hear your thoughts on rep.

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Many years ago rep was only obtained from helpful answers and high quality posts. It's still pretty fun though.
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It's probably the most urgent feature on the site that needs a complete overhaull.

As it stands, rep doesn't mean anything on here, at least it doesn't represent what it should.
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No, it's meaningless. Back during the days of Dimebag and hosters it was what set people apart.
Now it's achieved by sitting in the shoutbox, being friends w staff and gifting gold..
It's not a bad thing. Just don't see anyone putting any weight into it at this point of TTG. It's too far diluted.
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Its never been meaningful its pixels on a screen if you care about rep then you need to reevaluate your life.
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Vial wroteIts never been meaningful its pixels on a screen if you care about rep then you need to reevaluate your life.

Easy for your to say, YOU GLORIOUS BEACON OF A LIGHT!

But, really, no it's not that important. Been here for years and never really thought about it.
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The whole reputation system has gone to hell. It used to be used to divide you between other members on the forums. If you had a lot of reputation, it meant that you deserved it.

Should there be a new system put into place? Yes there should
Should the current system be removed? No, but should be discontinued

A new system would mean that you would have to earn reputation.
The current system would stay in place but would be discontinued therefor, it would never go up or down.

There needs to be a new system put in place for the future of TTG because, who knows where the website will end up.

However, you shouldn't be to worried about reputation as there are plenty of milestones/badges that you can work towards and achieve across the board. That is what makes you stand out from all the rest, think of reputation as a cookie, once you have one, you want more.

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Once I get some I'll let you know
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It used to, until fake giveaways, rep fairy, shoutbox rep boosters and more all came along to truly **** up the system.

My rep hasn't changed much since it was still a thing to have, so use mine as a reference. People with ridiculous rep power bars who have been here less than I have must have boosted with friends somehow, intentionally or unintentionally.

FYI I have never really done any giveaways and I have a good post ratio of 1,414 useful posts, 172 unuseful posts

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