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TheTechGame is dead. I wish it would be poppin like back in MW2 Modding scene. TU6-TU7

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Zema (12-05-2019)
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You're next
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Facts !
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shoutbox is booming at night
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Join the shout box, you'll have some right fun there.

The community will never be as lit as it was back when TU6/TU7 was out as that was when the mad craze about modded lobbies were a thing. However, when lobbies become popular for PS4 or the future of XB1 lobbies become a thing, then the community will start "poppin" again but not as much.
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Not as dead as se7
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You know where the door is if you don't like it no more
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Almost 10 years ago almost 2 console gens ago the site was spammed to death for lobbies. The site was hardly possible to use. TTG is still one of the most active forums and largest online. and MW2 was not even the peak for the site 2014 with the Xbox One release was.
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