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Hello so my girlfriend works in a nursery and her boss bullies her pretty much because she never stands up for herself.

Tuesday the 19th she left a personal note on the table which included family matters, she then went onto meet with a parent and child the other side of the room, she then noticed the manager and went to grab the note to put in the bin.

The manager has then asked her to put it in her locker but as she was putting it in the bin the manager changed her mind and told her to get it out and give it to her.

Surely this is invading privacy of some sort since she said she would not read it but then my gf overheard the manager saying shes read it to another manager.

basically i just want to know if theres an ACT or some sort of law that she can use in a fact paper stating the manager cant take personal belongings and read then when no misconduct has actually been caused and she hasnt given consent.
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It depends on state law really (check state and state privacy management within the office). Also place of employment plays a big role.
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