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Mixed drinks, screwdrivers all day, don't care how cheap the vodka is as long as the orange juice is good. Straight liquor, Hennessy on ice. Beer, any kinda pale ale with an orange or lemon slice!
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  • Christmas!
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bud light with lime over anything
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  • Christmas!
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Dom Perignon
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I dont really drink but if I do its be either a kopperburg or somthing similar, Corona or a vodka and orange
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jim beam and coke.
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  • Winter 2016
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VS Gautier
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  • Christmas!
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Miller Light and some shots of crown and i'm happy.
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I like a pint of Budweiser or a lemon , lime cordial and vodka
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50/50 mixed screwdriver
Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Or if I'm a bit low on cash at the time I feel like having a drink, I'll grab a 4 pack of Steel Reserve, or a Four Loko or two, but that's on very rare occasions, personally I refuse to drink at bars, and I prefer to be in my room, alone, where I can't hurt anyone (Accidentally, I'm not even a mean drunk, I'm just a big guy) and where I can be free to get as drunk as I want with no consequences for myself or others lol
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  • Winter 2019
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Straight up vodka
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