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  • Christmas!
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Looking for a Last Stand artifact of any rarity

GT: Her Kingi
Platform: Xbox One

Itll be greatly appreciated!
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Just wandering if I can get a 125 monicule ,bekah, and a radiation gamma burts? thank
GT: XXxMickeysxXX
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  • V5 Launch
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does anyone have the bloody harvest legendary '... fearmonger' ?


GT: iix KEV407 xD

I have allsorts of stuff, too much to name so if you want something just ask, msg me on xbox or here and i'll tell you if I have it.

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  • Blind Luck
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Looking for band of sitorak with bonus damage and reload speed on Xbox one preferably not one with movement speed but I'll make due if that's all you have firerate is a plus if you have that as a 3rd modifier or just firerate and reload will work as well
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Just a quick post, I'm new to this forum!
Below are my Gamer details...

Been Farming Bloody Harvest and I'd love the Grenade mod so bad, but its just not dropping!
I have many good Legendary to trade and I hope there is something out there for you guys.

Username: boothy-2014

Platform: PlayStation 4

Item required: Ghast Call

Message me here or in game if anyone can help, thanks!
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  • Christmas!
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Looking for a radiation dictator assault rifle. If anyone would be willing to dupe this I would appreciate it so much!
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Anyone have Lucians call with anointed for zane? STNL.
Can drop you
Nuclear The Dictator (item score 506 level 50)
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Anyone have any decent guns they can dupe and some good mods ect for Zane?

PSN: ChaseTheBread
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Looking for some powerful guns for Zane but namely the Lucians call cry anointment for SNTL, I have many legendaries to trade emu on xbox. Gt: Nic 5k
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