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Im currently on apple music and its good i just want to hear thoughts as there is 1 major issue with apple music where if you cancel over time all the playlists you made will no longer be there for you when you decide to get a subscription again

Whats your favourite service out of the 2?

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Neither, they both suck.

I switched to YouTube Red long ago.
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I've been using Spotify premium for a few years now, can't complain about anything, I love it!
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Spotify by far buddy
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I personally use Apple Music, I just think it's nifty all my music being in one app.
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I personally use YouTube Music cause i have YouTube Red. So that is what i suggest but if i had to change, it would be to Spotify. I feel more artists/musicians gravitate to Spotify for more exposure and so on. Also i hate Apple lol
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Definitely going to have to say Spotify I've been using them for years and even tried out Apple Music and I felt like they were no where near the same level. Spotify is the way to go
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I'm going to have to say Spotify, I've used it for years. I really love the way they personalize music for you.
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I've always been a Spotify member, and don't think I've missed a payment for a long time, they provide a flawless service.
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I honestly like Soundcloud over every other music platform for the simple reason is you can listen to mainstream and aswell as underground people.

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