GeneralWould you rather have a Dog or a CatPosted:

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Self explanatory!

Explain why and if you have one of them drop a picture
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I love my cats :3

Definitely cats!
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I would have none because I can just about look after myself never mind a pet
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Truth be told I'd rather have both at once, if I had to pick one or the other however I'd choose dog cuz they're very good at alerting when something isn't right.

I have a Shepherd/Collie mix (Imagine a Shepherd but more... fluffy), his name is "Bump" and here's the story of why that's his name lol. We got him from my grandmas old place of work, a hospital. While she was doing her security rounds of the property, she saw a dude throw a box out of his car window, turns out it was full of puppies. One fell out of the box during the drop and landed on his head, and my granny rode in on her security golf cart like a badass and scooped them all up in the box. All but the one that hit his head was adopted by hospital staff because she made it clear she wanted that one, but she was still on the clock for another hour, so the reception ladies kept all the puppers happy while their new owners also had work left to do, and they paid attention to the injured one more closely to make sure he was okay, he had some ointment and a bandaid stuck on his head for the mean time and he was perfectly responsive and all that so no immediate emergency. She took this pup to the vet after work, the gash on his head had a few stitches put in just to be on the safe side, so 400 bucks later for vet bills and this pup was brought home that day, that's the story of Bump, and here he is in all of his fluffy glory, taken about a month ago:

And his sister, a Dachshund, my granny named her Star but there's no real story behind the name, my granny just likes stars lol, but she has no tail cuz a birth complication, it broke actually before she was born. and had to be removed the day of her birth, and her lower jaw is shorter than her upper so her tongue pokes out sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, but she's very happy and very photogenic lol

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cat 100000%. they're just chill mfs
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I have 3 cats and they're pretty chill
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She's shit as a guard dog, but great as a sleeping buddy on cold nights. So dogs everyday of the week.
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cats above dogs lol
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Love all animals
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