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If I'm lagging I usually just get off lmao
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black ops 4 is lagging alot for me lately, anyone else?
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I lag in fortnite a lot and it pisses me off, and it's not so much like lagging running around but I lag when I get into a gunfight and just get destroyed!
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If it's continually happening yes it's annoying but if it's just like once an hour it's not that bad for me.
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More annoying than ppl who dont stfu
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Almost as annoying as my girlfriend.
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ANNOYING ASF, I used to be one of the greats on Call of Duty, lag made me retire. Now days people's skills is based off internet connection and that's no fun.
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If LAG wasn't a thing id be £600 up because ive had to buy 10 controllers over 4 years because i rage like a kid who cant have candy
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The so annoying to lag on any game, definitely when it's competitive
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More then annoying, I use to experience lag in my old house whilst having BT wifi installed, which is the worst internet provider if you live in the UK.
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