ModdingWays of making side money with an RGH in 2019?Posted:

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I'm curious...

People don't like buying GTA V Xbox 360 accounts because most people have new gen consoles. Just curious if "modders" can still make small money in 2019.

If so, what sites do you advertise on?
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There's really none to VERY VERY VERY little money to be made through modding now. Everyone has modded consoles these days and not to mention people are also always doing services for free. If you really are trying to make money though, you're better off going into pub matches and advertising there. Any site which allows you to sell modding services will most likely have other modders offering the same exact stuff you're offering. They only difference would be that you're charging and they're doing it for free. So obviously like any normal person would do, they're going to go with the free services.
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No one buys mods anymore it's dead
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