GeneralHow many times did it take you to pass your driving testPosted:

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How many times did it take you to pass your written driving test?
So far im on my 3rd attempt.
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First time on theory test and second time on driving test
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First time for both
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1 on both... Not sure how you fail tbh.
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2nd, first time I was hung over.
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i passed my theory first time and im yet to do my practical
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3 times on theory and 1 on practical.

brain was pretty scrambled back then, probably even worse now.
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1st time for both, I was the first one back to the test centre after like 25 minutes, I thought I'd failed given how quick we were back
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keep at it im sure u will get it soon! i got first try, im not sure how different the systems are in other countries though..
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Honestly, it took longer for me to do the classes than it was to take the test.
Passed the first time
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