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I get a cup every morning from 7 Leaves on my way to work. I work six days a week.
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I drink coffee everyday it gets me the right energy every time and it's natural. If drink energy drinks once in a while but it's not good for you so I don't like them as much but if I do drink it I prefer a Monster!
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Definitely drink coffee more than I do energy drinks. Coffee is better for you and it is cheaper as well if you make your own, or buy from a gas station tbh.
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I don't drink energy drinks or coffee

But I do have pre workout which is a performance enhancer for going to gym.

Effectively it does give you a rush of energy.
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Can't stand energy drinks so coffee for sure.
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Coffee, every single morning, I actually do not mind the habit at all.
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Coffee Coffee and then a bowl
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Coffee is a must for me to start off my mornings, but heard there were all natural caffeine pills worth giving a try ;)
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I'd rather drink an energy drink before coffee
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Still cant get to like the taste of coffee but then again i rarely drink energy drinks! when i go for redbull or V (Australian energy drink)
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