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Wanted to make a quick topic on here for our fellow hosters and buyers on the site about what exactly this new patch means for lobbies.

1.) To start off the Graveward isn't worth farming anymore, unless you have a god roll Lyuda he's really just not worth farming anymore as he has a big health pool and the "porcelain pipebomb" no longer works.

2.) Stop using the porcelain pipebomb, this weapon received a major nerf today and is not even close to its former self. Gearbox stated the grenade didn't work as intended, the truth is the grenade did work as intended by its parts but was overall to powerful. It used to blow up multiple times due to child grenade spawns and it doesn't do that anymore thus making the grenade pointless not nerfed.

3.) The 7x XP glitch still works and yes you can still bring it online, the problem with this is though is now with the pipebomb off there's no true good way of farming bosses such as truant or Graveward meaning we're gonna need to find new XP run, I'd imagine circle of slaughter will be the way to go!

4.) Negative guardian tokens is no longer a thing and this is great! Further more this means If you join a hoster who's using the 7x xp offline to online method that it will not mess up your guardian tokens, however if you had negative tokens your rank will appear lower than it is for example I am rank 400 actually however my negative tokens have now lowered my level to 220. This doesn't effect the points you've put into your skills and I'm sure there will be more to talk about with this.

Overall what this patch really does is it ends effective boss farming on mayhem 3, it may be better to switch to mayhem 2 when farming for gear since the resistance of the enemies on mayhem 3 kinda sucks, after that it also requires us as a community here on TTG to form together and find the best XP runs to level people up.

Anyways hope this cleared things up and explains what you may wanna know about this new update, feel free to ask me anything in the comment section below!

Also if you're having trouble leveling up remember I have a shop found in the sticky section above that'll help you get the best gear in the game as well as levels, I'll be updating this post later today to accommodate for these new patches!

My Shop

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Thanks for sharing this bro RIP Pipebomb 2019-2019
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Pipebomb you were definitely fun to use, rest in piece now. :C

Thanks for the post, and I haven't really looked at grenades but do you guys know the BiS grenade now?
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