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i have liveblock and livestrong disabled unless they need to be enabled, i also have purchased NiNja and xbOnline but still cant connect to live, i had the update but it says my internet is fine but still cant connect to xbox live.(No my avatar(s)) isnt/arent grey. I dont know what to do, i spent a lot of money on this stuff and the servers but still cant seem to work it out. HELP!!!!!

Also im using NiNja atm
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Try restarting your router or port forwarding
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you got the plugins set properly?
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Are you on latest update ? Also are you the one who updated the console or you bought it premade ?
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Perhaps Teapot Live may work for you?

give it a shot, it's free for your first 7 days

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Make sure your plugins are as follows:
1. xbdm.xex
2. Stealth Server.xex
3. jrpc2.xex
4. rpc.xex

You can have a bad xbdm.xex, that is the most common issue. Also be sure to have NiNjA support help you out, they are very useful.
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