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I have the same issue!
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Dude just hug your dad and tell him you love him, I don't mean like a "hey dad" hug, more like a "thanks for being my dad" hug

Then just ask him to do something, grab a movie, go for something to eat, find something he likes that you can tolerate and go for it, even if it's something a bit different like fishing or going a nature walk/drive, whatever

Just whatever you do, don't call it a date

I hope he's feeling better soon man and gets a handle on things, he'll pull through, don't worry
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Holy Shit...... I literally LOl'd....I need to meet Ms.Flannigan.
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youre about to have another sibling
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Post's like this make me question if im to old to be on this forum anymore, even if this is a joke.
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