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Hello wonderful family, since you sorta can say I'm a OG on the site I've myself taken lots from here so I want to give back to the community so I'm doing a gold giveaway
You can enter if you have gold too

Easy, just comment something positive that the site has done for you, for me the site has done a lot, I remeber back in the day when TTG used to mainly be a modding site. I would always see modders with ttg in their name and me being young I didn't know that it was a site till I researched it and so thankful I did, without the site I wouldn't have got into modding I have many faund memories but I wanna hear others .

ALSO.... last time I did one of these giveaways someone randomly gifted me gold IF that does happen again I was touched so if that does happen again I will gift 5 people gold
I know I'm going to get people saying YOURE ASKING FOR GOLD BLAH BLAH. I AM NOT ASKING, I'm just telling what I would do if it does happen, I got my own money repeat I'm just saying what I would do if that did happen

Best of luck everyone

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No matter what you need someone is always there to help you
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A lot of people on this site will always offer kind words and support when you're feeling low and a few times, it's helped me when I was in a bad place mentally.
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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4 or XB1.
Everyone here is chill and I made good relationships on here I love this site it's a coping skill for me I go on here and within 1 minute people always say hello or how are you. Overall this site made me a better person if that makes sense I respect everyone here I hope to become staff one day I would love to help others!
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Thanks for giving back to the community good luck with the giveaway goodluck to all !
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I'm in, appreciate it.

I've gotten over 300 days of free gold from these amazing people, much love for this site!

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Thanks for the opportunity.

One thing the site does for me is helps me meet new people that enjoy similar interests as me.

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I'm as nostalgic as you
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I'll enter.

Something positive the site has done for me is keeping me entertained in the shoutbox when I'm bored lmao
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This site has helped me through many tough times in my life, back in highschool when i was friendless, i could always come on here to talk to many of the friends I have added over the years. Many of which aren't even on the site anymore
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