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These codes went by quick asf
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Ak9 wroteThese codes went by quick asf

People leech man.

I've seen people create accounts on Internet Explorer on Xbox one... just for one code.

Morpion just is helping out people on TTG... For nothing

Time is not free but people cannot appreciate that.
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Can I get a code?
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That's the last code i give for free, good luck if anyone needs one.
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Damn, I'm always late to these.
I've been trying every day this past week lol
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Opened to the next 15 people!
Every codes that i give are verified so don't tell me that one of my codes are not working.
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Oof bby
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Can you PM me a code the day is getting closer and I wouldn't like to get down with some old friends.

I'm on Xbox if that makes a difference.

Thanks for being so generous.

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Hey man long story short I'm completely locked out of my email so I don't have access to the beta code I paid $60 for lol one would be much appreciated, thanks man
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Any chance you can pass me a code?
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