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Well as I've posted in another forum, it's been a year since I've been active in TTG and in spirit I'd like to gift someone gold as I've also bought it for myself.

Rules are simple, just post and I will use to draw the winner! 24 hours from now I will have selected a winner, good luck thanks and rep are appreciated but not required ;)

The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to B19 For This Useful Post:

Kol (09-11-2019), Tusk (09-11-2019), Sliinkyy (09-11-2019), TWISTEDSUPPLY (09-11-2019), UWishIWazHostin (09-11-2019), Mikey (09-11-2019), Xbox (09-11-2019), Unfulfilled (09-10-2019), Huskii (09-10-2019), EMS (09-10-2019), ModernAccuracy (09-10-2019)
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Count me in !
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I'm in thanks for
The opportunity
Good luck everyone
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Count me in, thanks man!
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Very nice

Count me in
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Ill enter, thanks
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I just returned from a couple months break myself so thanks for doing this and for the opportunity.

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ill enter
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Sign me up
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I'll enter, thanks mate
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