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My room
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My bedroom
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I have two, first is my bedroom, where clothing is option and judgement is non-existent, second is my grandfathers office where his gaming PC is, since living with them after my injury, I've played on it quite a bit, but I'm waiting on parts in the mail to build my own for my room so I can have more freedom with it, as the office is attached directly to their bedroom.

To get in their room, there's the regular door, or you can go into the office, and through the conjoining door, but the desk on the office side, and the bed on the room side, both block that door, but still when they go to bed early, I leave the office so I don't make too much noise, and now that I'm financially able to, I'm getting my own for my room, so in about... a week, my favorite room overall will be my bedroom lol
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my home theater, it has everything from my pc to my 1985 nes aka the original even though its more so my families nes but still, and my bedroom because thats where i can hide from humans and not be bothered.

but yeah my home theater room is the only place i tend to use, it used to be my bedroom back when i lived at my old place
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Bedroom cause that's where the games are and also that's where 99% of cuddling happens!;)
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Anime wroteWhat is your favorite room in your home?

Being we live with family. I'd say our room is my favorite got everything we need in here gaming PC, Xbox One , big giant TV, fridge and my bed.

That honestly gives me an idea, I need a fridge in my room, Imma stick it in my closet, which is right next to my desk, I could store so much beer in a mini fridge it's insane, and it'd be an arms reach away lol
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Basement lmao
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my room w my cats
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mad shit goes down there
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