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You're in the last movie that you watched, how f*cked are you?

Last thing I watched was "That '70s Show" so it looks like things are pretty chill for me.


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Watched scary stories to tell in the dark so I'm overrated and boring
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Last film I watched was Paid in Full so I suppose it depends which character I am lmao
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Last movie i watched was avengement i think im okay unless the main protaganist is after me then im fu##ed..
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I watched New Girl
I think it would be a good time!
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Last thing I watched was futurama so it's looking good for me
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On stranger tides.

I be ight. Love me some semen seamen.
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Well I was watching this is the end so I'm pretty **** haha
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I haven't watched a movie but i have been watching Peaky Blinders so wouldn't be too bad lol.
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