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Mikey wroteWill be doing a few gifts next Wednesday so be on the lookout guys, if you don't have the summer badge PM me, I may gift you

Im missing the Halloween badge that i never received this past Halloween.
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Spencer wrote
Sean wrote
Month 2 - Finished
1st - Venom
2nd - Mortar
3rd - Spencer
4th - Van
5th - Adam

Someone was nice enough to update the thread but just in case it was not posted these are the results for month 2 Venom was top again.

All 5 users are allowed a custom usertitle for being the top 5 these can be used, stored for later or gifted to another user.

So... I can bank that right?

yes you can
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im an older member getting back into ttg and would like the summer badge and gold. <3
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What time does the event finish on the 31/08/2019?
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Satan_ wroteWhat time does the event finish on the 31/08/2019?

I'm saying midnight EST? as to when the event started.

Sorry I've been afk guys, family holiday in 4 days time. I will be back soon. Working more lately to help pay/spends. Thank you to all who gifted and to those who are still gifting throughout this event. I cannot wait to see the final tally. Dude Venom be bankrupt by the end of the month he will have to start loans like Mikey :omegalul:

Again, thanks to all taking part. <3
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Cool seeing this continue on.
Miss my brothers, keep grinding veterans
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Hey this is really really generous of you I would love to be a gold member again thanks
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Love seeing this happen every year, a good time to give back to the communities. Keep it up to all you gifters
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Very generous this is, doing my best to be more active, wouldnt mind trying out some gold tho
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