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Not too cold not too warm. I like it being chilly but not where I can't handle it
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  • Christmas!
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Winter summer kills me
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I would rather have summer all year round because than I wouldn't be unemployed Durning the winter and also because in Canada the winters are cold and I prefer the summer time.
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  • Winter 2017
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I hate summer and being hot as it effects my skin (eczema) and I get heat stroke real quick. I'd love it to be cold all year round and maybe a little warmth for a while, nothing too hot though.
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I live in New England and let me tell you it's Winter's are brutal I still love where I live but I prefer Summer year round I lived in Puerto Rico for 2 years and it was amazing so much stuff to do in the Summer you can't do in the Winter time! So yeah Summer for me for sure!
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  • Summer 2019
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Personally i'd prefer it to always be winter, i just prefer the winter vibes and i enjoy the cold
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I would like to be in a area that has constant fall temperatures.
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