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How often do you curse?

I'd say about everyday I do.

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Every sentence
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My vocabulary is pretty harsh you could say lmfao

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Too much
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I curse only when playing video games.
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Pretty often but try not to as much.
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Like 5 years ago every sentence haha would be like no fu##ing way, f##k mate did you hear about bla bla bla, this f ing guy thats bull####, yo d##khead im away to the shop need anything, lol but now i rarley swear now that thiers kids around me so often all my friends have children now, i have a little sister and loads of little cousins and nephews so i try keep my volcablulary clean for them haha.
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every spoken sentence
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Loon wroteevery spoken sentence

Every **** sentence*
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I curse all the time but only because of work, Us people from the UK can't get pissed off without swearing over and over again about what has happened, say for example we would say every swear word under the sun because we stubbed our toe.
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