Milestone600 rep thanks Mortar!Posted:

  • Christmas!
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Hey there TTG fam just got 600 rep thanks to Mortar I love you man! Also I'm halfway to 2k posts! Next goal is 700 rep and 2k posts.
P.S. Thanks SB family ILY all! <3

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Daniel (08-21-2019), 40 (08-21-2019), Nagisa (08-21-2019)
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Grats on 600 Rep!
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  • Winter 2020
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Congrats man on 600 rep! See you at 700
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  • Winter 2017
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Congrats on 600 rep man! your nearly at 700 already lmao.
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Congrats on 600 rep !
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Congrats on 600

Getting closer to 1k man
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