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  • 2 Million
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Congrats on the new badge, I love this badge and will never be able to obtain it cos i don't sell stuff and i'm not looking into selling either, or i don't do modded lobbies etc. would be a nice badge to have but looks better on you anyway
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Glad to see you get this badge, looking good.
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Congrats! I love you!!
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That's a huge achievement

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Wow congrats man on your new badge! Looks sick
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  • Winter 2019
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Congrats Happy you deserve it for all that grind you put into it
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  • Blind Luck
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congrats on the badge bro! Well deserved!
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  • Halloween!
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Good job man i cant believe that happened homie I always wanted it by hosting shit loads of lobbys and stuff
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Such a sik badge man, enjoy it and well deserved.
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Congrats on being a trusted seller.

Should help you a lot more with business and no hesitation from the customer.

Keep up the good work
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