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  • Summer 2020
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My own house
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Gold on ttg lmfao, and probably a 2019 GTR
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I really want a new car. Mines gonna blow up soon.
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Smashspite wroteI really want a new car. Mines gonna blow up soon.

i want a new truck! but sadly its going to take a little bit more time for me to get a new one.
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McLaren 600LT
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A fat Pizza.

I'm starving
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  • Summer 2018
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A house so I can move out
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  • Winter 2019
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Loke wrote
Daniel wroteHappiness. You can't buy that.

you know I never understood that being able to support yourself and buy whatever you want, learn whatever you want and much more would directly make you happy no matter what so money does buy happiness, in fact, there have been many scientific studies that have concluded to money being able to buy happiness anyway

I guess it would be being able to afford to build my own house that way I can make it exactly what I wanted.
it also depends on what you need or want to be happy, my hobbies are directly dependent on cash so my happiness is def purchasable
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Daniel wroteHappiness. You can't buy that.
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  • Christmas!
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A G Wagon One day after school and I got a real job it can happen "Probably not" but put my mind to it.
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