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Free (French ISP)

Bouyges Tlcom (again, French ISP)
22.50/mo 50gb data unlimited calls/messages
Yes, my LTE is even more shitty than my normal connection...
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Google fiber
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Trash ass AT&T
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I have xFinity and it's ok for browsing the internet but when it comes to gaming its constant lag every second or two. Once in a while you get a good game with good connection but then next game it's shit it's so inconsistent and I have tried many things to fix it but nothing works. It reminds me of Chris Smoove's video about Comcast lag haha. youtube.com/watch?v=ZQeyaDQKcf0
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Virgin Media - £52/m

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  • E3 2018
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Cox - Gigablast, $80 a month. Cox really started throttling the shit out of my upload speed since I started seeding torrents en masse when I switched over to Gigablast because originally I had a 500 Mb upload, which then got turned into 250 and now not even 100, with most times it dipping down to mid 30's lmfao. That's my fault, I accept it, as long as my download isn't touched, it's all good.
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  • Summer 2019
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Verizon but I game with an ethernet cable my download speed is 140 mbs I could download Fortnut in 20 mins!
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Aisle 9 get your shopping cart
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BT at my house, Virgin at uni
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I have spectrum which gives me good speeds!
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