Xbox OneIs Xbox One X worth it over the S?Posted:

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Kind of curious? Im looking into buying another xbox and am wondering if the X is better than the S model? I dont care for 4k as I dont have a TV/Monitor capable.
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It has the best performance out of any other console since most of time the 4k games are native not upscaled or nothing. But if you don't have a tv/monitor running 4k there's no point in really choosing it imo.
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Tbh you might want to think about getting an OG or the S. The new xbox will more than likely come out next holiday. Don't want to waste money if you plan on upgrading then. If you don't then get the X.
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I recommend getting the S.Without a 4K monitor/tv the X is pretty useless, imo the S is just as good.
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Go for the S. I love mine and have never had an issue with it other than my DVD drive dying but it was still under warranty. Plus they're way cheaper than the X so without a 4k display it wouldn't warrant the extra cost in your case.
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Personally I'd still get the X as even without the 4K TV there as still slight improvements with gameplay (IMO). Of course it all depends on your budget though, if your good for notes then yeah go get the X. If not then the S will do the job because as others have already said the new gen could be out next holiday time
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Xbox One X is well worth it i wouldn't waste my money on the S.

2 of my friends have got the S and they both said they would rather have the normal Xbox One.

I have the Xbox One X and it runs so fast, My games and apps load up so quick, I play gta and usually on my other Xbox One i am waiting like 5 minutes to load in, It loads me in in under 30 seconds.

Plus it has 4K if you wanted that feature.

But it all down to personal preference because you could like the look of the S and not the X, But personally i would go with the X or wait for the new girl Scarrlett to be released next year.
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Nope Completely Waste Of Money s Works Great
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