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It's official mad lads I've hit my 7 Year mark!

I'd like to honestly take time to thank everyone personally who played a role with my experience on the site, But first I'd also like too mention that TTG has one of the best gaming/tech communities I've ever been a part of.

I love this site, and I love it's members more I've met countless friends and made memories throughout the years and boy has the site changed but I'll stay positive and say it was truly for the better.

I always wanted to be apart of the big boys on the site and I feel I've finally done it from being a nobody to being Petite! I really enjoyed helping all the people I've helped and the ideas I've proposed.

I'm super passionate about the site and I plan to be here for 7 more years and hopefully a lot more, thanks to the community it's not impossible.

My 'Thanks List' will be lengthy as I'd like to give everyone on there a short statement.

-Thanks List-

Ahri: I had too put you to the top as of recently we've gotten really close you're easily my favorite staff and it's always nice to share banter and share opinions. Super happy you got admin by the way you really have been overdue for that promotion on the site. Stay kawaii space cowboy!

Luna: You've been nothing but kind and while you're sensitive and we haven't chatted much these past weeks I still think me and you are the most alike out of the people I know. We share the same humor and interests, You're overall just a really perfect person and I'm so happy to call you my friend! Stay kawaii space cowboy as well.

Maze: We've always been nice and real to each other, we share a lot in common and even though we've never talked a ton I easily consider you one of my favorite members on the site, you're funny and all around a awesome person who deserves more on the site imo. In time.. In time!

Scizor: You were an awesome Discord staff and I think you did well as staff as well I know we aren't close but I want you to know I appreciated your hard work!

Nick: We don't talk a ton anymore but always bonded well, you keep that Discord alive and honestly you're one of the upmost prominent members to come to mind. Your attitude and humor has always made me like you an honestly happy we have chatted before about some uh.. really random.. uh things.

C4: We don't really talk but I have major appreciation for you, you're edgy and give the site life with your banter, you've done some questionable things behind your keyboard and probably should be banned (jk) but you've always been nice to me and I really appreciate it.

Spencer: We've talked a few times and you're an absolute unit, you're funny as shit and you're overall entertaining. Thanks for all your contributions to the site and thanks for giving me your time here and there and bringing life to the SB!

Mortar: You've always been there to help me and we shared nice banter, I'm glad you're an Admin here cause you more than deserve that title thank you so much for everything you've done to me you're un-replaceable and I hope to have you as staff for years!

Saki: I always looked up to you when I was younger and I'm glad I did, we have lots in common and conversation has always been nice, you're super smart and have contributed a ton to the community, you deserve to have more recognition truthfully.

Mikey: You still haven't readded me but nonetheless you are a must on this list, even before anyone really knew who Mikey was we were friends talking about the modding community and having nice banter, when everyone is bashing just know I never will. I know you more than just the guy who got a loan for gold I know you as an awesome bloke who could bench me. Overall Mikey you're incredible and I want to see you on here for a long time!

Loke: We have a ton in common and while we've fallen out a bit I will never forget how much you helped me with mental illness, you always knew what to say to put a smile on my face and you've done so much for me and supported my every move. Thank you for being there for my well being it means more than you could imagine!

Kamilca: We just met but my god are we like total opposites, however within that we are similar in our opposite views, if that even makes sense. Super happy we played F76 because you are a friend who is irreplaceable!

Acetone: I know you're busy and probably will not see this but you were my first friend I made here, we never spoke in person but our text chats were deep and I cherish that. I hope you and your family are doing well!

Jay: We used to be closer but I still remember the small banters we had, overall tough you're a super important member here and you deserve more recognition. I hope your adulting life is great and that you accomplish your life goals, you deserve it.

r00t: My favorite mod, super happy to be friends with you and that whole japan squad, I love our chats on Discord theyre always funny and I admire your intelligence, for real r00t I hope you achieve great things in life and I look forward to meeting you!

NASA: You're super funny and I'm glad you've noticed me, we used to talk more but I'm sure as japan closes in we'll be in more contact once again and I look forward to meeting you as well!

I obviously forgot people in this list it's late and I'm super tired and sick of typing now lol, but I thank everyone who is on this site, you keep it alive and keep the ball rolling when things are stale.

I hope to see more members become active as I'd love to restore the sites glory, achieve your goals,do badges, don't be afraid to try to get noticed. If you contribute to the site some way whether it be from posting, giveaways, or just chatting you make this community and that is something beyond special.

Thanks for your time now, continue shit posting..

(Ps I didn't forget your ass Xbox you cute too)

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congrats on 7 years cutie
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7 years is a hell of an achievement, your a role model on here for new members.

Here's to many more years under your belt!
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Congrats on 7 whole years
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Congrats on 7 years man!

I also agree that I should be banned for some of the stuff i post but after the 3rd SB ban I think I broke the system.
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Congratulations mate!
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Congrats! I'd say more but it seems we're no longer on friendly terms.

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What an awesome milestone post my lil cutie pie

Thanks for the shout out mate, we have to have a catch up soon
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yaa grats man im glad i was able to at least help someone i will always be here for you no matter what
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Congrats on your milestone bro, Hope you are here for many more years to come.
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