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Dabz wroteGreat post bro will help a lot of people out

It does help a lot of members out if they look for the post. Some members just to lazy to look
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are all the menus still available even if the tu27 only?
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you should update MW3 Title update bro otherwise nice post
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Will these menus work with GTA V on PC for offline play?
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So I have been scouring the web for instructions on how to mod my 360 so I can mod my games but I have not found any instructions I feel comfortable using is there anyone who can help me accomplish this task or is there a way to bypass the need for hard modding by using a PC to mod game saves if so how do I do that
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This is a super great post & answers ALOT of questions most beginners will ask! Awesome man!
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Dope thread dude! Definitely gonna save this for when I finally get a new RGH.
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