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any league players on TTG? if so post your favorite champion?

You can also put your username if you want someone to play with
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Oh yeah I've been playing since s2! I started playing ranked s6 the highest elo I've been is silver 2

I've had a lot of mains but my all time favorite is Jax. He's just a power house that literally got me out of bronze. His ganks are amazing haha.

You can add me. Cmoney Da Tilter. I don't play often anymore. I believe I'm bronze 2??As of now I'm waiting for a patch or two bc the meta doesn't fit my style
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My favorite champs to play are" Mord, Illoai, Lux, Rakan, MF and a few others. ill play any lane except jungle.

my IGN is ChyGirl23
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you can add me if ya want . "venske" is my username and i play anyrole
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