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My setup consists of an fx 8350 processor, an rx 580 graphics card, 4x 4GB sticks of ram, two ssd's, and rgb case lights. Today, when I attempted to power up my computer I noticed it no longer boots up. The fans spin and the leds are all on, but nothing on display. I even tried my other graphics card to make sure it wasn't that. I've also tried reseating the ram and only using one stick. My keyboard lights up, but my mouse does not. I also noticed that one of my fans stopped when I plugged in the keyboard. I'm thinking that the power supply has had it, and that it no longer can supply what it needs. The psu is a Rosewill 500w 80+ bronze. Any feedback or suggestions as to what this could be would be greatly appreciated!
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make sure the switch on the power supply is set to the lower number incase you had the same as me.

also try unplugging it completely then plug it back in.

ive had this issue before. hopefully the motherboard didnt go
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if the fans are still running.. it is kinda a good sign you are getting power...

but also a bad sign because you have nothing displaying... sounds like youe mother board went out..
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Am3 boards are getting outdated anyways, I say just do a mobo/ram/cpu upgrade and go from there
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Try take out the bios battery for a couple of sec and put it back in. Make sure to disconnect any power first.
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